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Valentine’s Day Ideas For Him / Valentine’s Day Ideas For Man

  1. Give him a back massage.
  2. Send him flowers or cookies.
  3. Make a special breakfast for him.
  4. Send him your sexy pic.
  5. Leave a note for him to meet at his favorite bar or club.
  6.  Plan a surprise outing. Dinner at his favorite restaurant, then a long walk together.
  7. Spend the night relaxing with good food and romantic music in your bed.
  8. Recreate your first date then recall all the feelings you had with each other.
  9. Put a love note in his wallet.
  10. Try a cool activity together.
  11. Bring him breakfast in bed.
  12. Light a candle in the bedroom
  13. Serve him his favorite wine & snack.
  14. Sit on his lap do some naughty things.
  15. Make a mug or a calendar with your picture on it for his desk.
Updated: January 8, 2016 — 12:04 pm

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